Beware of Online Illegal Loans

Typically, customers apply for an online loan through the website or application available. Well, other than illegal online lending, if you want to apply for a loan you should contact the online lender.

They usually offer loan products by text message or by phone. In offering products, illegal online loans provide a detailed description of their loan products and contain only appeals. In pursuing the offer they will be compelled to have the potential customer accept the offer.

No Terms

No Terms

While most online lenders do not provide too complex terms, many prospective customers are hesitant to apply for a loan due to fear of not meeting the requirements.

Therefore, it appears that illegal online loans are not for illegal online loans, they offer liquidity fast loans without providing specific requirements to potential customers. They only ask for their personal names and contact numbers.

So, for those of you who want to apply, make sure the online loan you choose provides clear terms. 

Payment of Account Charge via Company Account


Payment of an official online loan bill through your corporate account. So, if you have a short message via social media, SMS, or phone asking for a bill payment instead of a corporate account but a personal account you should not take it seriously, Dude.

Your legal or legal online lender will never ask for a payment to your personal account. You also need to make sure you make a payment for the information in the app or website, yes!

The presence of Cash

Illegal online lenders will usually ask for a down payment, depending on the amount of loan you make. The money is used as a down payment for the funds to be liquid immediately.

Suppose you need between $ 50 and $ 100 million, then the down payment you need to pay can be over $ 1. For that, you don’t have to rush to lend. Check to see if the online loan service provider is credible

Invalid Company Information Equipment

Completing the identity information of a company is one of the most important and important things to keep in mind. As such, the fullness of the information becomes a public benchmark in the assessment of whether the company is official or not. Usually, this information will be posted on the website as well as all social media users.

While on illegal online loans, they are either owners or employees trying to cover the company information. If anything, they only list fake information. For example, the address provided is unclear, using a phone number for a phone, personal email (gmail or yahoo) and so on.

Therefore, before applying for a loan there is nothing wrong with ensuring the identity of the company. You can see the company address on google maps, make sure the official phone number and email you use represent the company name and so on.

Good Credit: Fast and Trusted Online Loans

Good Credit: Fast and Trusted Online Loans

In recent months there have been several cases of illegal online lending on behalf of Good Credit. To that end, Good Credit wants to tell Dude to be more careful and careful when choosing an online lender.

Good Credit is one of the most trusted online lending providers, having registered with OJK to ensure its security. Loans range from $ 500 to $ 20 million with a tenor loan of up to 6 months.

To apply for a loan, make sure you first download the Good Credit app on the PlayStore. Then you can sign up immediately by filling in your personal data so you can log into the account you signed up for.

After successfully logging into your Good Credit account, you will need to complete the basic info to make the loan process easier. Well, once you’re done, then you can make the loan application by determining the loan amount and choosing the tenor term you need.

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