Online credit without proof of income

It is almost impossible to get an online loan without proof of income. The reasons are very diverse and should be found in particular in a lacking or completely lacking creditworthiness.

Credit requirements

Credit requirements

Without exception, all German banks or savings banks have clear rules about who can and cannot grant them an online loan. In principle, lending will only be possible if the Credit Bureau information is in order and the income is very secure and sufficiently high. Employment is just as important as an open-ended employment contract.

However, there are certain exceptions. It could well happen that a bank grants its loans to self-employed or self-employed persons or to employees with an employment contract limited to one or two years. However, no guarantee can be given.

Self-employed and freelancers need different documents than employees, which are used to assess the creditworthiness and level of income.



A loan without Credit Bureau from Switzerland can never be granted without proof of income. In the case of a Swiss loan, proof of income is often the only way to realistically assess the customer’s creditworthiness. This is probably due to the fact that the Swiss banks – in contrast to the German banks – refrain from obtaining Credit Bureau information from their future borrowers.

Basically, it is advisable to critically question the desire for an online loan without proof of income. Anyone who comes to the conclusion after long deliberations that there is no alternative to such a loan should look for a reputable credit broker who can help them find a suitable online loan.

However, it would be very important never to pay any costs in advance. Should the borrower insist, this would be an unmistakable sign that he is dubious and not interested in brokering a loan.
Similar to any other online loan, an online loan without proof of income would have to be repaid in monthly installments.

Payment of the installments must be ensured in any case, even if the income is very low, fluctuates significantly or is completely absent.

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