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The Scottish FA ‘Grassroots Game’ app has been designed to help all clubs, coaches, players and parents understand the rules and ethics of the National Grassroots Player Pathway.

The National Grassroots Player Pathway, which has evolved to provide fun, age-appropriate and stage-appropriate games, is an essential part of the Scottish Federation’s football development philosophy. It allows young children to enjoy play in a relaxed environment, developing their love of play and their tandem skills.

Scottish game app FA Grassroots

Developed in collaboration with the Scottish Youth FA and Scottish Women’s Football, the Pathway relies on the care and attention of parents, coaches and volunteers who continue to support by allowing young players to thrive without any outside pressure. At its heart, the message, Let them play aims to ensure that football remains fun and enjoyable for all young Scots.

The Scottish Federation, the Scottish Youth Association and the Scottish Women’s Football Association all agree that fun should remain the key element of the Small Sided Games, providing and promoting a positive football culture. All organizations agree that football must be amusing for children and would encourage all grassroots leaders, coaches and parents to support the following:

  • Make the games amusing
  • Make sure all players get equal playing time
  • Offer all children the opportunity to participate in sport
  • Create a positive environment

By feeding the Let them play ethos, parents, coaches and grassroots volunteers nationwide are helping to foster a lifelong love for the sport among our young footballers, simply by letting the kids have fun playing football.

Application features:

  • Age groups – Easy navigation to find the rules for your own age groups.
  • Game Format – Full information on the correct ‘Play Format’ for individual teams.
  • Equipment – Easy guide to the right equipment you will need for the games.
  • Role of the coach – simple instructions to help coaches, volunteers and assistants run the games to make sure all the kids are having fun.
  • Additional information – A complete section with a lot of information on the well-being of the child, useful information, useful contacts.

Download the app

Scottish game FA Grassroots on iOS

Scottish game FA Grassroots on Google Play

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