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StarGazing is an astronomically relaxing pattern puzzle with 90 starry skies to complete. Play through the 88 constellations recognized by the IAU, with some bonus asterisms!

With comfortable point-to-point style, zen rhythms and plenty of constellations to discover, relax and stargaze with us as you browse our StarBook and learn more about the history and origin of history. of each constellation.

* Complete the point-to-point constellations using a few hand-drawn tips
* Connect the stars in the correct order to unlock complete constellations
* Improve your times as you familiarize yourself with each constellation and move up the leaderboard
* Unlock cute collectibles and achievements along the way
* Listen to relaxing rhythms as you do it!

* * *


POCKET GAMER: “StarGazing is as relaxing as pulling up a chair, looking at the night sky, and spending the evening counting the stars and trying to figure out the constellations.” – 4/5 stars

PLAYDIARS: “Whitepot clearly deserves its nomination for best studio at last weekend’s NI Game Awards”

ANDROID POLICE: “The atmosphere is relaxing, the gameplay is enjoyable, and the game has all kinds of details about these constellations, so you can even learn something.”

DIGIATO: “If you’ve always wondered how polygons and broken lines in constellations create bears, snakes and other shapes, StarGazing will answer that question”

Nominated for Best Artistic Direction – Northern Ireland Game Awards 2021

* * *


You stumble upon your aunt Nicola’s long-lost “StarBook” – born August 12, 1978 (which makes her a Leo, she must know) – brimming with memories of the first time she got interested in night sky in the 1990s.

Often noting each constellation she recognized on the closest thing she had on hand, it’s clear that Nicola’s StarBook is a labor of love – an eclectic mix of receipts, napkins, tickets, posters. and other elements. If she could get a pen out of there, it’s in there.

And now you have found it! Immerse yourself in the StarBook, constellation by constellation, as you learn to reach these stars in the night sky. Discover Nicola’s favorite constellations for yourself and unlock some of her favorite memories.

* * *

StarGazing is for puzzles who love to solve challenges, lovers of relaxation who love Zen experiences, and astro fanatics who are interested in horoscopes, astrology, astronomy and the stars above.

StarGazing is free to download, play, and complete – and if you like what you see, you can remove the ads through an in-app purchase.

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