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There is a world few can see, let alone seek.

Code Atma is a modern mobile RPG, set in a supernatural techno-thriller world where humanity, technology and ancient beliefs intersect in a secret war. Travel through this familiar yet mysterious world and lose yourself in the immersive story, characters, and Atma you will encounter.

You will take on the role of a researcher. Among the brave few who will harness humanity’s collective technological advances to wage a covert war beyond the veil of life, death and myth. Alongside the Secret Initiative Asterisk, you’ll dive into the depths of a dark and supernatural techno-thriller mystery of Code Atma – filled with souls of forgotten myths and curses, turned into weapons in a war between light and light. darkness. A war beyond the veil.


– Collect and summon hundreds of unique Atma inspired by various folklore
and mythologies

– Upgrade your Atma, develop their powers and unleash them in tactical RPG battles

– Master the tactical freedom and unprecedented creativity that each Atma brings to combat

– Join the ranks of the secret Asterisk initiative and explore the dark truths of Code Atma

– Explore a world that exists at the unique intersection of technology and mysticism

– Follow a supernatural investigative drama around the mysterious Firefly Murders in an immersive story full of twists and turns

– Discover the tradition and unique origins of Atma from around the world

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The Agate team built Code Atma as a mobile RPG set in a supernatural techno-thriller world that blends technology and mysticism. With an immersive story and a wide array of characters and creatures, Code Atma will invite players to a new world that lies just beyond the lens of their mobile devices.

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