Could Truist Park and the Atlanta Braves Become an MLB Gaming “Hub”?


As Georgia State tries to get back to some normalcy, could the Atlanta Braves and Truist Park host MLB games?

Hopefully we are nearing the end of our drought without baseball. Like the rest of the world, I’m ready to get back to normal.

Before I begin I must give a fair warning that I live in Georgia and at the time of this writing my condition is open certain types of businesses and seems to be trying to lead the pack to restart this thing we all yearn for again… normalcy.

It will obviously not be an article on all of this, because we are obviously not a media. We come here for baseball and more specifically Atlanta Braves baseball.

So this all got me thinking, though, could Truist Park and Drums become another option for Major League Baseball to try and put on some real regular season games that matter?

By now, almost everyone has seen the three-state plan which is currently one of the many options that MLB is considering. Texas, Arizona and Florida are reportedly hosting games in a mostly springtime training atmosphere.

Maybe Atlanta Braves and Truist Park could provide another alternative and it would feel a little more like a regular season game.

Another great option would be the Omni Hotel which is located a short walk from Truist Park. A few teams could very easily stay at the hotel and remain isolated enough to follow government regulations.

That doesn’t even include the option of a ton of other hotels still within walking distance of Truist Park in the farm.

I think it would be very easy for about eight teams to be in that location and be able to play baseball in the Atlanta area.

A small factor for our own good could very well be in a few months (if fans are allowed to resume games this season) that most of us here within driving distance of Atlanta could go and see some teams and players. that we would be otherwise unlucky too.

I know seeing a fan watching a game at a stadium this year can be hard for some people to see, but who knows at this point?

Personally, I think it would be pretty cool for the Atlanta Braves and Truist Park to hopefully be able to help and host games here before long.

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