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Guardian Tales
A link to the classic adventure!

Begin your adventure in Kanterbury, a world shattered by the onslaught of the Invaders, destined to be saved by the Legendary Guardian!

Puzzle Solving Gameplay
Lift heavy rocks, throw explosive bombs and launch yourself through obstacles to discover hidden paths leading to incredible treasures!

Strategic Action Combat
Dodge, dodge, dive, dive and dodge your way to victory against powerful enemies and gigantic bosses!

▶ Challenging dungeons and bosses
Explore dark and dangerous dungeons to challenge the giant bosses that reside there! Beware of the pig monsters, the hero has arrived!

Intense PVP and Leaderboards
Gather and synergize your best group of 3 heroes to take on the others in a real-time fight for glory!

Collection of heroes and weapons
It is dangerous to go there alone! Collect and choose from over 50 heroes and 100 different weapons – each with their own unique abilities!

Create a guild with friends
Make new friends, show off your heroes and party in the Guild! Oh, and take it easy with the Guild Scarecrow.

Customize your floating castle
Do you like pancakes? Build a creperie! Do you like clowns? Build a circus! Customize your island however you like for you and your heroes!

▶ Homage parodies
Do you like Easter eggs? There are tons of Easter eggs in the game. Challenge yourself to find them all!

And more !!!
Stories, Missions, Quests, Events, Rewards and much more !!

■ Official community ■
Join our official Guardian Tales community pages!

■ Help and support ■
Do you have any problems?

GLOBAL: Visit or contact us in-game by going to Settings> Account Settings> Survey.

ASIA: send an e-mail to ‘[email protected]’or contact us in-game by going to Settings> Account Settings> Survey.

Privacy policy:
Terms of Service:

■ Your device will need at least 3 GB of available storage space to install the game.

————————————————– –
■ Minimum specifications ■
– iOS 11 or higher
– iPhone 6S or higher
– iPad Mini 4 or higher
– RAM: 2 GB
– Available storage: 3 GB
————————————————– –

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