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Legend has it that the ancient gods were at the origin of creation.
Among them, the Lord God Strockanos is the lord of the universe. He is also the one who created the continent from the chaos and formlessness of the universe. And the three gods of life, fate and death are the guardians of the continent, and they are also the source of secret magic.
Under the thick rock and soil of the mainland, Strockanos shed his own scorching blood.
Blood and secret magic are the foundation of life in this world.

Over the years humans have become the “lords of all things” on earth, from the original ancient clan of the Alrayans, to the migrating Elruips and the Normaasts, who were “exiled” at the end of the world. Humanity has developed a variety of civilizations, including alpine, plains, and nomads.
Although there were conflicts between civilizations and different religious denominations, belief in the ancient gods, mainly Strockanos, was initially consistent over time.

However, the advent of the “new god” India, who not only brought a new faith, but also brought a new “era” to human civilization and to the whole continent.

Description of the game
Pass the threshold, super easy to start! Indies’ Lies is a single player game that combines Roguelike elements with card building as the core gameplay. Randomly generated level content, rich and varied talent system, cleverly designed lieutenant system, surprise runes system, combined with hundreds of carefully crafted business cards, allowing players to have a distinct experience every time they play. ‘they enter the level.
The game features multiple chapters of plot content, and players will also gradually unlock character story mode during exciting breakthroughs to tackle the world caught between the beliefs of the old and new gods.

Game features
– Fun for beginners, depth for experienced
Different from traditional DBG genre building, we have adjusted and optimized the map building process in several ways. Cards can be directly replaced with the original cards, and the free overlay runes make the cards more gender-compliant. The overall genre creation process will be smoother, allowing more players to experience the fun of DBG faster.

– A variety of playable characters
Three professions are planned for the initial phase of the game. Among them, each profession is planned to have three characters to experience. Around each different profession, or even different builds adopted by different characters of the same profession, there will be different sets of talents and lieutenants to match, there is always a build that you like!

– Recruit lieutenants
Players can invite up to two lieutenants to join the team in the game. Different lieutenants have their own positioning and growth paths, giving you not only a meat shield, but also richer and more varied strategy options for you. amplify the ultimate thrill of the genre.

– Develop your talent tree
Talent designed to match different professions and routines, even the same profession will have different talent selection routes for each game, with up to 200+ talents designed to meet all your growth requirements at different stages of different genres.

– Discover a fascinating world
The game has an original worldview and unique story modes, allowing players to experience the game using different characters while playing the adventure mode and collecting clues to unlock character-specific story modes, you taking him further into the world caught between the beliefs of the old and new gods.

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