Microsoft’s Game Hub Adds New In-App Capture Review and Sharing Features


The team working on the Xbox Game Hub experience on Windows 10 has been on fire lately, not only turning most Windows 10 PCs into moderately capable game recording devices, but also turning Windows 10 into a more native streaming experience for creatives.

Adding to its list of features, Xbox Game Hub has just chosen a more streamlined way to look at screenshots. Xbox Ambassador Larry Hyrb just tweeted informing users that the Xbox Game Hub just added a new gallery experience that allows users to view and review images in the app rather than using the previously convoluted method.

Prior to today’s update, users had to exit Xbox Game Hub and separately open an image in their favorite image viewer app. Starting today, users can simply click on the Show All Captures text below the capture icons to display a context menu that allows them to scroll, select, and / or play previously captured content.

Along with a faster way to review captures, the new Gallery experience also includes a Share on Twitter button for faster social media exposure.

While the Xbox Game Hub aims to improve the gaming experience on Windows 10, it also serves as a native content capture option for Windows 10 users. For those who prefer to create and share content through their laptops, the Xbox Game Hub is shaping up to be a solid alternative to the more expensive third-party screen capture, audio, and video software on the market.

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