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Games like Pokemon GO (Pokemon GO Alternatives iOS & Android) (Photo: YouTube / JamoPak)

‘Pokemon Go’ isn’t actually the first location-based game as most Android and iOS-based gamers previously believed. There are other games to choose from that offer a variety of distinct adventures and gameplay features, which bored “PoGo” players could try out as an alternative.

If you’re more interested in old-school stuff, you might want to try “Geocaching”. This game is considered the ancestor of all localization games. This is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a global positioning system or GPS to hide and search for containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”.

At the moment, the official site of the game app has more than 2,963,677 caches around the world, and everyone has a surprise to discover. If you are tired of “Pokemon” and like treasure hunting like adventure, then “Geocaching” might be the best game app for you.

Now if you were drawn to “Pokemon Go” because of its supposed health benefits while catching “Pokemons” outdoors, then “Zombies, Run!” could increase your running and exercise activities. The game was developed in 2012 for Android and iOS users who wanted to experience the zombie apocalypse. The app was primarily designed for walking, jogging or running in order to survive the zombie outbreak.

According to the game’s official website, players should have a runner mentality “on their way to one of the last outposts of mankind.” During the game, you won’t just run around the neighborhood, as you will have to help gather supplies, rescue survivors, and defend their homes as part of the game experience.

Besides running around and looking for treasure, gamers who enjoy location-based MMORPGs might have enjoyed “Parallel Kingdom”. The so-called game app is the first location-based RPG for the iOS and Android platforms where players can slay dragons and loot castles and dungeons.

However, this month it was reported that “PK” had already closed, following its September 30 announcement of the said plan. But still, it is included in this list, as rumors of “Parallel Kingdom 2” have circulated on various social media platforms and chat sites. I guess we’ll just have to wait for more updates, regarding the said rebirth of another alternate game “Pokemon Go”.

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