Samantha Bee reveals it’s not a game: the game app on Full Frontal


Samantha Bee unveiled her new civic engagement comedy quiz app, “This Isn’t a Game: The Game,” on Wednesday Full Frontal, aimed at increasing voter turnout ahead of the 2018 midterm elections by fostering political literacy. In the pre-filmed segment, the host showed product development from concept to prototype to finished product.

The room opened with a “depressed” bee screaming and throwing random objects at her TV screen, as political reports paraded. “I’m out of ideas and Americans never vote,” she said. “And, honestly, they probably won’t vote unless we pay them. I have an idea! I will gamify the mid-term!

Bee consulted with a team of game experts to help generate some basic ideas. Next, she spoke with Matt Mahan, CEO of the civic engagement app Brigade, about how the company’s engineers predicted President Trump’s election victory.

“Two months before the election, one of our engineers noticed that an unusually high number of Democrats in the brigade indicated that they were supporting Donald Trump,” Mahan said. “And it really wasn’t until election night that we realized that what we were holding back were those voters who had supported Barack Obama and then crossed over and voted for Donald Trump in 2016.”

Bee then asked for feedback on their mobile game prototype at the Lesbians Who Tech conference in New York City. After refining the app’s jokes and improving its design, she got additional feedback from her “interns”. At this point, the reviews were more solid: “It’s like ‘HQ Trivia’ but with better jokes,” one user said.

“This Is Not a Game: The Game”, which allows users to win up to $ 5,000, is now available for download. In a new interview with Wired, Bee said he created the game in part to increase the number of registered voters in his audience (currently 54 percent).

“I’ve always had a goal with this game, but this recent discovery really made that determination stronger; we can do better, for sure, ”she said. “Obviously, the stakes are very high for civilization as a whole. But we don’t sit and think we’re going to go out and save democracy, we really aren’t. We’re just trying to help in any way we can.

Bee also unveiled its new scenography and opening credits. “It’s a way of reflecting that we are becoming very established. We are occupying a little more territory, so we might as well own it a little, ”Bee recently explained to Entertainment tonight. “I think what it really represents is that we now have the opportunity to pursue these great ideas.”

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