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The vast sky above the city obscures the sun and the city’s neon lights never go out. With the rise of science and technology in the distant future, robots and self-aware humans live together on this earth.

In this cyber city where punk and magnificence coexist, noises and choirs of tranquility, our protagonist Rex runs a private detective agency. A former policeman, he now lives from the execution of various commissions.

However, the god of fate has already thrown the dice in secret. An unusual murder case shattered the peace of his life, leading to the sign of the robot rebellion.

With the semi-mechanical god manipulating fate and rebels lurking in the dark, through chaotic slums and the perilous underworld, Detective Rex will find the clues and complete his long-held wish …

The perfect combination of retro pixels and cyberpunk

Diverse puzzle elements

Double protagonists: play as the feline detective

Various achievements and collectibles

The deep world view and the immersive gaming experience

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