Tiny Rebel launches video game mobile application


The craft beer game, called Beer Money Inc, puts players in the shoes of Tiny Rebel founders Bradley Cummings and Gareth Williams, selling beer from a Newport garage. Players are encouraged to grow and grow the business by negotiating ingredient contracts, hiring new staff, and upgrading brewery equipment.

Family affair

The game replicates the journey of Tiny Rebel, from a small start-up to the owners of a £ 2.6million brewery, selling and exporting beer around the world.

It was inspired by Cummings’ favorite video game Drugwars – a drug empire simulation, and the final level involves brewing Tiny Rebel’s sixth anniversary beers, which were released to the public last week.

Beer Money Inc was designed by Cummings’ brother Lee and sister-in-law Susan, who run Tiny Rebel Studios, best known for producing the Doctor Whomobile games, while the artwork was designed by Tiny Rebel’s in-house designer, Taz.

Interactive and free

Speaking about the decision to release a game, Tiny Rebel Marketing Director Niall Thomas said, “We take a lot of inspiration from video games and our sister company. [or brother company?] plays games. It was obvious.

“Brad and Lee have been talking about this for a few years, so they got together as a team and a few months of hard work, with all the writing and design in-house, resulted in something that gives you a feel for Tiny Rebel better than n ‘any sales pitch or core value statement.

“It’s interactive, it’s based on our current history, and it’s free. No ads, in-app purchases. Nothing. We did it just for fun.

Beer Money Inc is free to download from Google Play and the App Store now.

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