Twin Angel franchise details new TV anime, game app, teases ‘secret’ project


The Twin angel The 10th anniversary event wrapped up on Sunday with more details on the new Twin Angel Break TV anime and new smartphone game app. He also teased a different new project with a “secret” movie.

The Twin Angel Break the TV anime will air next spring and will tell the story of new angels:

In the story, two third-grade college girls fight evil as twin angels under the command of a hedgehog named Miruku-chan. The girls don’t agree, but as they work together they gradually become more friendly with each other.

The cast includes:

OMA as Meguri Amatsuki (Angel Rose, pictured left), an always cheerful and somewhat arrogant girl. She is innocent and aspires to be on the side of justice.

Aï Kayano as Sumire Kisaragi (Angel Sapphire, pictured right), a socially disadvantaged girl. She is distant with others after being raised in the strict Kisaragi family.

Rie kugimiya like Miruku-chan (top center)

Yoshiaki Iwasaki (Love Hina, Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise !!, Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise, The Zero Familiar) directs the anime to JC Staff. Michiko Itou (Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise !!, Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise, Ro-Kyu-Bu!) is in charge of the scripts of the series, and Mika takahashi (Neuro – Supernatural Detective) designs the characters. Musician Gin (This art club has a problem!) composes the music.

“Avenue Project feat. Meguri Amatsuki & Sumire Kisaragi” sings the opening theme song “Love-tte ♥ Jewelry ♪ Angel ☆ Break !!” Miruku-chan (Rie kugimiya) sings the ending theme song “Break Miruku Love!” which was written and composed by ZAQ.

The franchise Also gets a new iOS and Android game titled Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel ~ Soshite Shinwa no Otome-tachi ~ next january. It will be a new game that will bring together the staff of the Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel ~ Toki to Sekai no Meikyū ~ Playstation Portable game. Kikuko Inoue will play Haruka’s mother, Kasumi Minazuki, and Yukari honma will play Aoi’s mother, Chihiro Kannazuki.

The game will feature a new character who looks like Lilia, and Ai Shimizu will voice the new character. The game will have an initial cost to play, but will have no additional costs thereafter. In addition, Sakura Saori carry out the theme song from the game “Color of Tears”.

Finally, the Twin Angel Break staff members tease “Project ???” they point out is neither an anime nor a game. Sunday’s event kicked off a “secret movie” for “Project ???”:

The franchise started with the first Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel pachislo (slot machine for pachinko salons) game in 2006. The franchise then spawned an original two-part video anime (OAV) in 2008, followed by a TV anime in 2011. A second original video anime project, Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise !!, shipped January 2015. Crisp aired the animated television series under the title Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise.

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